BRS Accessory Set
BRS Accessory Set
BRS Accessory Set
BRS Accessory Set
BRS Accessory Set

BRS Accessory Set

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Blood Red Skies Accessory Set

Acrylic gauges and markers to upgrade your Blood Red Skies stock cardboard components for your next dog fight.

1 - Movement Gauge
1 - Range Finder
4 - High Cover markers
6 - Boom Chits
6 - Zoom/Activation Markers
(Models, and other items shown for reference only, not included.)

The 9" movement gauge features a scalloped edge to align with the model bases, allowing for precise distance movements up to 8". Our design features a unique hand grip that includes a silicone pad on the back to allow for easy pickup from the table and added retention. The 6" range finder has a similar smaller silicone pad as well.

The high cover markers are approx 27X24mm in size and feature a Spitfire image.

The small boom chits are only 12mm in diameter to work well for multi engine aircraft as they can be placed on the model base.

The Zoom/Activation markers are custom designed to fit the front of the base so that they are clearly tied to the aircraft you are marking.

Made from 1/16" thick 2 color acrylic, that is laser cut & engraved to reveal the contrasting colors.
Multiple colors options available by selecting desire style when ordering. All components in the set will be of the same color option.

If you have an idea for a different design your like to see contact us and we will see what we can do to make it happen, we are always open to new ideas and suggestions.

Disclaimer: This item is in not associated with or licensed by Warlord Games. It is inspired by the Blood Red Skies game and individually handmade by us to order.